Homeowners have many tasks for their “to do” lists over the years that they own their home.  Replacing and repairing broken and outdated items can take priority over some of the bigger issues that may exist unseen in our homes, which if left unattended, can cost precious dollars down the road.

Insulation can be one area in which, since it is primarily out of sight, can remain out of mind. However, the age, type, and quality of your home’s insulation can make a significant difference in your energy bill as well.

A home energy audit, or assessment, determines how your home loses or wastes energy and what measures can be taken to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.  This type of assessment can show if and where problems exist, and provide a plan of action that will target the areas in need.

The audit is performed by expertly trained professionals who use specialized equipment to uncover ways to make your home more energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable.  Going room by room, the professional auditor examines the residence with various methods such as a blower door test and thermographic scans of the walls to assess the amount of insulation in your home.

The blower door assessment measures the amount and the location of any air that leaks out of your home.  With this important piece of equipment, the auditor can determine air leaking through face plates around switches and outlets, air escaping around windows, doors, pipes and any other place that may be a source of leaks.

It can be surprising how this leaking air can add up, even causing quite a bit of air to escape from your home. These gaps can be sealed in order to make your home more comfortable and efficient, which is typically not a difficult task to complete for such a big difference in air flow.

Insulation is perhaps your home’s first line of defense against the elements as well as a soaring energy bill.  Keeping the outside air out, and your conditioned air in, insulation works to create an impermeable boundary in your home.  Your attic and your walls hold the keys to keeping your home as air tight as can be.

Professionals with 918 Red Dirt Foam and Insulation can assess your home’s energy needs and supply you with an airtight plan that encompasses all aspects of air flow control.  Providing innovative insulation products and installation, these professionals will make sure you are comfortable in your home and with your energy bill.