One of the most rewarding and stressful jobs on the planet is being a homeowner. Once you are in possession of a new home, you need to figure out how to optimize it to meet your needs. If you are like most homeowners, finding a way to reduce the cost of your electricity bill each month is one of your main concerns. Residential structures consume over 40% of the electricity produced in the United States annually. 

If your power bill is growing with each passing month, then you need to figure out why. Performing an energy audit is a great way to pinpoint these problems. If you are trying to perform a thorough energy audit of your residence, be sure to consider the following factors. 

Inspect Your Home’s Insulation 

When trying to tighten up your home and make it more efficient, you should asses the condition of your existing insulation. If your home was built a while back, the amount of insulation in your residence may no longer be sufficient. Going into your home’s attic and looking at the insulation that is installed, there is a must. When performing this inspection, you want to make sure the insulation covers the joists. If there is insulation over these key pieces of your home, chances are no energy is escaping through your attic. 

However, if you notice that insulation in your attic is sparse, you need to call in professionals to help you fix this problem. Getting high-quality insulation is the only way to fix your home’s energy efficiency issues. Getting a few onsite estimates can help you figure out which insulation company is the right fit for your needs. 

Find and Fix Air Leaks

The attic is not the only place where air can escape. Older windows and doors can also allow a lot of energy to escape. This is why inspecting them to see if there are drafts present is crucial. Allowing these drafts to persist will result in much higher electricity bills. 

One of the best ways to fix a drafty door or window is by using a tube of caulk. Putting a bead of caulk around the drafty door or window will seal it. Be sure to read the tube of caulk you are using to get an idea of how long it takes for it to dry. 

Is It Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit? 

Another important thing you need to do during a home energy audit is to check your HVAC unit. Hiring professionals to maintain your HVAC unit on a regular basis is a smart choice. These professionals can inspect the unit and let you know whether or not it needs to be replaced. The money you invest in a new HVAC unit will be worth it, considering the energy it will help you save. 

Need More Insulation in Your Home? 

If your recent home energy audit has revealed problems with your insulation, it is time to contact the team at Red Dirt Foam and Insulation. We can help you fix these problems in no time.