At Red Dirt Foam and Insulation, we excel at installing modern foam insulation in all areas of a property. Get these significant benefits of weatherization and modern insulating for your home or business.


Tired of feeling the wind whistling through walls? Our blown-in foam handily separates your indoor environment from the outside. By sealing up cracks and spaces around windows and doors or other areas of your property, you’re getting a nice, warm indoor environment, even on the coldest days of the year.

Lower Energy Bills

Anyone who’s dealt with a leaky property with an efficient furnace or heating system knows the sinking feeling you have listening to the system run at all hours of the night and day through a cold snap or winter season.

That’s part of the major value of getting modern insulation on-site. You’ll see the dramatic change immediately. Projects like these can pay for themselves pretty quickly as you see your energy bill down 25% or 30%, or even cut in half.

Ineffective nsulation just lets huge amounts of hot or cold air flow out of the building and makes your heating and cooling system work extremely hard. In some ways, this idea of getting blown-in foam insulation is a cheap and low-tech solution to an expensive and high-tech problem. Many of our customers have been extremely happy with the change that they feel directly after we come on board and get their property properly suited with modern insulation.

Home System Protection

Here’s one that people often don’t think about as much.

Ineffective insulation can lead to some pretty expensive plumbing problems every winter. Say you have an unusual cold snap, and wind whistling through an area of a crawlspace or corner of the basement where unprotected pipe runs your hot or cold water through the building. You might have a pipe freeze – or you might have a pipe burst, and that’s where things get expensive. Water damage can range into the thousands of dollars. Emergency plumbing carries its own pretty hefty price tag.

With effective foam insulation, these kinds of problems are much less likely to happen, and you can breathe easy during winter months.

Property Appeal and Resale

Chances are at some time you’re going to want to leave your property and turn it over to a buyer. In that case, having modern insulation in place raises the value of your property because again, the new people won’t have to wrestle with high heating and cooling bills.

We’ve had this conversation with homeowners more times than we can count. Our customers have often told us they appreciate our simple approach to getting properties weatherized and optimized for heating and cooling performance. Any questions? Call us and let us know. We’re happy to come to your property!