If you are experiencing higher than normal energy bills, or have suffered water damage to your home’s roofing, you may be in need of new home insulation.  Many times homeowners are aware that their home could benefit from new insulation, but are not well versed in the different products on the market and how each could impact their home’s energy retainment.

Choosing the right home insulation can seem like a difficult task, but understanding the different options of spray foam and fiberglass insulation can help make the decision easier.  Just as the different products protect your home in different ways, which application will work best will differ with the setting in which it is to be applied.

If you are in need of a better insulation system for your attic space to cut down on the amount of energy escaping through your roof, the best product options are open cell spray foam and fiberglass.  High energy bills and the inability to maintain a constant temperature are some of the signs that the insulation in your attic needs attention.

Fiberglass is the most widely recognized form of insulation that consists of fine glass fibers.  These glass fibers conduct heat and trap it within their fibers, keeping the inside of your home cool or warm depending on your desired temperature.  This type of insulation allows a certain amount of airflow through its fibers, which can mean it may be less efficient in some applications.

Open cell spray foam insulation creates an air barrier that seals the home against air flow.  Because it expands up to 100 times its original size, spray foam can fill every corner of an attic, leaving no space unprotected.  This type of insulation is made from compounds extracted from petroleum, making it an environmentally safe. Open cell spray foam doesn’t retain water which helps protect the home from mold and mildew, and it does not serve as a catalyst if there happened to be a fire.

Each type of insulation material differs in cost, application difficulty, and overall effectiveness, which is why consulting a professional company such as Red Dirt Foam and Insulation that much more important before making a final decision.  Red Dirt Foam and Insulation offers free energy assessment services where they test the effectiveness of your home’s insulation and provide a recommendation on how to create a more efficient insulation system to save you money.