Foam and Insulation Tulsa | Installing The Foam

Episode 5
Okay, just to continuation on the difference between open sell and close cell, a one thing I want to talk about is the difference in our value. Um, typically with spray foam products, we measure our value. They’re all measured by per inch because we are producing the foam on site. We can produce however many amount of inches that you need for your particular project. I’m on the open cell side. You’re going to run pretty close to an r four per inch, keeping in mind that all these products are a or barriers. So, um, our values kind of a relative term, whenever you’re, you have that much control over your air infiltration, but it runs about an hour for per inch. Um, and typically to give you an idea, Foam and Insulation Tulsa on a normal residential construction, we, uh, we installed typically three and a half inches to four inches in next year.

Your walls and we install a six inches. And most roof lines and these, these homes, they work very well, including the home that I’m in six inches of foam, which seems like maybe a little light. And our value is very effective up in your attic. So it, it, it does work as far as the closed cell per inch. It runs about, it has a range between six and seven per inch, closer to seven. But, um, like I said, typically, um, we’re, we’re doing a one inch or two inch application and most everything we do, very rarely do we get asked to go above that. And a lot of times it’s because of the cost. So just a couple of shorthand references. Open cell is your soft foam were closed, cell is your hard foam. Open cell is an air barrier, a closed sale is an air barrier. And also vapor barrier. It can also be used in some weatherproofing sprayed on the outside of the oil tanks. Um, we’ve even had commercial projects were closed. Cell Phone was sprayed on the outside is as their moisture control. So Foam and Insulation Tulsa I’m a hope that this explains the differences between the two products and, uh, brings in a little more clarification.

Episode 3
So if we create a full foam house where we have installed, um, most likely open cell into the exterior walls of the structure, and then we’ve also installed that, that thermal boundary to the roof deck to where it is a true undilated system. So one of the things I talked about was the proper sizing of your hvac equipment. Not only does it save you money through the life of the equipment and then also on the front side, a lot of times that there’s plenty enough money to, to pay for your erv just with that downsize right there, Foam and Insulation Tulsa but it actually has some negative effects to the house. If it is an oversized, um, air conditioner. And one of the things that can happen is what they call a short cycle where basically there’s too much power and your house reaches that quote unquote temperature too fast to where maybe the temperature on the thermostat got where it needed to go.

But beings that, that is the only measure a piece of equipment that you have for removing your humidity. We actually want a smaller unit to run longer. The most inefficient time of any unit is during the startup and shutdown of those units, especially this startup. So when we have that startup, we want that to run for quite a bit of time to where it’s actually not only bring in your house temperature down, but it’s also running the correct amount to remove the humidity, the correct amount of humidity in the house. And what we’ve found, and it’s through studies, is when you have too big of equipment, um, it short cycles where it kicks on for 15 minutes if that and then kicks off and it’ll do this several times in an hour. And it will also, Foam and Insulation Tulsa, what that does is that has several startups, several shutdowns, not a lot, not a lot of just run time.

So you’re not removing the humidity. You might feel that, that lower temperature, but it’s going to feel different than a dryer temperature. So one, that’s one of the very important things is hvac sizing. Um, it can, it can truly make or break a how a full foam house, uh, operates and fields to the occupants. So hvac sizing, um, the, the, the best way to do that is to get a true load calculation for the house and the type of installation that you’re going to do and to get a very good volume measurement, including that volume of air up in the attic. That way you have all of the information to get the correct, uh, Hvac sizing for the house with a correct hvac sizing and, and one that operates like it’s supposed to in a full foam house, you definitely have the byproduct of that is his comfort. And that’s what really drives those low energy bills is having that smaller unit running for longer periods of time. So I hope that cleared it up Foam and Insulation Tulsa.